Welcome to the Grand Illusion

The Illusional Delusional Matrix Mind is a book written to help society emerge from a suffering mind-set, where happiness is elusive and many people believe themselves to be far from good enough. We learn to think this way and we teach our children the same. As it turns out, we are unknowingly propagating a mind-set of fear and suffering.

Why Are We Suffering?

“We are currently living in a society so fearful that it seems emotionally and behaviorally unhealthy. Although our United States Constitution declares that we have the right to the pursuit of happiness, we are quite confused as to where true happiness is to be found. We are mired with problems stemming from anger and depression and resulting in a nation battling issues of homicides and mass shootings. We are suffering from a culture of hate permeating too many aspects of our lives including incidents such as road-rage, brutality, bullying, self-harming and suicide. There seems to be a dark mood brewing throughout our society.”